8 of the Must-Try Desserts and the Best Places to Eat Them

banoffee pie

Dessert makes a meal complete. But some people choose to skip this delicious part for varied reasons. Some are concerned about the extra calories while others may worry about potential health effects. Eating your choice of sweets or treats, however, does not have to be a bad thing. It may even stop needless cravings that may result from putting too much restriction on your diet. And there is nothing quite like the experience of tasting the unique and delectable desserts different counties have to offer. Here are some of the world’s best desserts that you would not want to miss out on your travels.

Apple Pie – USA
apple pie
Apple pie is your quintessential American dessert. While there is no dearth of delicious treats to choose from when visiting the country, apple pie is something you still would not want to miss from the land that has long been associated with it. Imagine digging in to a scrumptious concoction of apple slices wrapped in a crust. You can even enjoy it many different ways – from a warm slice topped with vanilla ice cream or some serving of cheddar cheese on the side among others.

Banoffee Pie – England
banoffee pie
Banoffee first came to the epicurean scene in a pub in England in 1972. This great-tasting dessert makes use of ingredients that include bananas, cream, and toffee. A delicious treat on its own or paired with a cup of coffee.

Baklava – Turkey
Baklava is a dessert made with sweet layers of filo dough and chopped nuts. The mixture is held together by drizzling or soaking it with honey or sweet syrup.

Belgian waffles – Belgium
Belgian waffles
Belgium is home to delicious waffles. You can have your pick of the famous Brussels waffle or the Liège waffle. It is one of the country’s best known street snacks.

Brigadeiro – Brazil
Brigadeiro is a sweet concoction that resembles chocolate truffles. It is made with ingredients that include butter, cocoa powder, and condensed milk. This round-shaped treat is then rolled in chocolate sprinkles – which make for an ultimate chocolatey experience.

Crème brûlée – France
Crème brûlée
Crème brûlée is a dessert that consists of creamy custard with a hard caramelized sugar topping. The richness and soft texture of the custard provides a delightful contrast to the hardness of the caramel topping.

Gelato – Italy
Italy’s take on the traditional ice cream need no further introduction. Gelato comes with a wide array of flavors including chocolate and pistachio among many others.

Mochi – Japan
Mochi is a Japanese dessert made with glutinous rice pounded into a sticky paste. It may be wrapped in small balls of ice cream to form the widely known “mochi ice cream”.

The Hookah Experience

It is said that the Hookah was invented in India in the court of the Mughal emperor Akbar. Hakim Abul Fateh Gilani came from Baghdad to India who was later a physician in the court of Mughal raised concerns after smoking tobacco became popular among Indian noblemen, and subsequently envisaged a system which allowed smoke to be passed through water in order to be purified. This new device for smoking soon became a status symbol among noblemen.

Combining different flavors of shisha can be very satisfying. Banana and strawberry is very good, so is lemon and mango. Some prefer to use liquid other than water in the base. Experiment with juice, wine and milk. Combining shisha with honey can provide a satisfying smoke. Placing ice cubes in the water can make for a mellower, smoother smoke. Squeeze a lemon or lime in the summer. If you want to know more hookah and curious about how it works, here are some interesting videos you need to watch.

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